About Us

About Us

Performance Seed is a privately held company dedicated to providing high quality products at attractive prices.

We operate manufacturing plants in South Dakota and Minnesota where we package and market wild bird food and lawn seed products. We deliver to customers across the country with many of the shipments making the journey on one of our company-owned railcars

We innovate. Take a look at our patented Grab & Pour Packages; no more spilling seed on the ground. Our conveniently placed handle allows the consumer to pour our products smoothly into their feeder.

We find cost-effective solutions to problems. We developed the Moth-Guard treatment to inhibit the growth of moths in wild bird food. This treatment provides long-term protection for packages of all sizes – the large as well as the small.

We are focused on value, quality, and affordability. Many of our products are offered in larger packages to get the best per unit price for our customers and consumers.