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We developed our Grab & Pour® package in 2000 as a result of failures in the factory seals of standard handle packages. We decided to apply a reinforced handle ourselves, using our own automated packaging equipment. By placing the handle in the corner of the package, we discovered that we accomplished three important objectives: one, we provided leverage for carrying and pouring the product; two, we could retain our existing graphics; and finally, we used about 17% less packaging material to make a better bag.

Better and cheaper. More for less. Great convenience at no additional cost. That feels good.

The patented Grab & Pour® package allows consumers to pour our wild bird food and lawn seed products accurately and easily. The zipper closure on many of our packages makes it possible to re-seal and store the remaining contents of the package – so it can be poured again!

Retail sales results, focus group studies and the comments of many delighted consumers have endorsed this packaging concept again and again.