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Performance Seed

PO Box 7126,
St. Cloud, MN 56302

Email: perfseed@att.net
Phone: 320-259-9470
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We operate packaging facilities in St. Cloud, MN and in Miller, SD. Both facilities source raw materials from local producers, and clean and package wild bird food products. Both facilities are situated on rail and ship and receive materials by rail.

Our primary facility is located in St. Cloud, MN, and we package both bird food and lawn seed here. This 10 acre facility was originally owned by the Burlington Northern railroad, and served as a major rail maintenance facility for many years. This location, along the I-94 corridor, is an ideal location for sourcing both bird food and lawn seed for processing and shipment to customers to the east and south.

Our Miller facility is located in the center of Hand County in South Dakota. Along the 100th meridian, this location is the beginning of the American west. We are able to obtain high quality bird food ingredients – sunflowers, millet and milo - from nearby producers. We clean and package these grains in an automated, robotic packaging operation.